Get my driff?

There was that time two years ago when I was a bit bolder. I wore this crop top once a week during that summer.


Something about a crop top that makes you feel brazen. A tad bit seductive without being undeniably overt.

Summertime is the only time it’s appropriate (IMO) to wear the least amount of clothes possible. No one cares. It’s too freaking hot for layers, scarves, and all other restrictive apparel.

These ladies got the drift.

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Trend alert: watercolor

When I think of watercolor, I’m reminded of my painting class freshman year in college. I sucked at painting but I was great at making a mess. You mix and mix and mix, attempting to create the perfect blend of calming colors but really, it’s just a blurry blotch of ink. This is what I associate watercolor with: an abstract, beautiful mess.

I can’t say this is a trend I’m excited about. It’s a bit bland and…watered down. Perfect for this time of year, tho. Rainy, gloomy with a splash of peace and serenity.


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Met gala ’13: chaos to couture

Keeping in mind that the annual Met Gala’s [costume] theme for 2013 was Punk, I gave every look a second and third glance. I will say, I cannot hide my disappointment with what I saw at this event.

Worst Dressed:

Beyonce disappointed me YET AGAIN (but I’m not surprised because she actually can’t dress) with her Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon ensemble. Excuse me, Givenchy .

Kim Kardashian in a dreadful vintage 70’s floral custom made couch cover. Excuse me, Riccardo Tisci.

Regularly Dressed:

There were others that must not have read the invitation stating the theme because they were dressed way too cliché for my liking. Often the Queen of this is Kerry Washington. Her style is always hit or miss. And those Olivia Pope gloves did nothing for me.

Notice that I refuse to defile my blog by posting those bland creations? Ok.

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Trend alert: cargo jacket

Often a must-have piece for fall, the military (or cargo) jacket can literally be worn with anything, in any season. I’ve been searching for the perfect jacket for years but they were always too expensive. I know why now. Sometimes, you have to spend a little extra money on quality items that will have lasting wearability.

Since I bought this jacket, I’ve worn it with EVERYTHING. This is not uncharacteristic of me. I love to shop my closet to see how many outfits I can create surrounding a single item. It’s a challenge but also very fun.


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Trend alert: black & white

While I am in love with bright and bold colors, I am equally as obsessed with the cut and dryness of black and white. For me, it’s much more than just wearing the colors. It’s about mixing and matching patterns and creating and/or designing a visually interesting piece.

Black and white are classic and effortlessly beautiful colors.

I love love love how Solange Knowles paired a horizontal striped shirt with a vertical striped pant. Solo does no wrong in my eyes.



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Style Spotlight: Mattie James

Previously in my style spotlight posts, I wrote about celebrities who presented a style that I admired. I will still do that from time to time. Now, I’d like to incorporate interview posts of people I actually know (online and in real life) who exemplify great personal style.

I first met Mattie…actually, I can’t remember! Lol. Probably through a fashion event or via Twitter. What I admire the most about Mattie is that she has a tenacious spirit and she executes all of her aspirations effortlessly. I’m often left wondering, “when does this girl have time to sleep?!” She does it all gracefully.

Mattie James is from a little bit of every where. Born in Huntsville, AL, raised between Atlanta, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, she traveled around a lot with her parents (originally from Liberia). She eventually settled (back) in Atlanta in 2006. In June 2009, she won Miss Liberia Georgia and in July 2009, she won Miss Liberia USA.

“I said that if I was gonna do Miss Liberia Georgia, it was to win Miss Liberia USA.”

This was very important to her as she was engaged to an American man. In September 2009, she got married. By this time, her name was everywhere, which created a great buzz for when she started her blog, Mattieologie, in January 2010.

photo (22)

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Style Spotlight: Kate Bosworth





My first time seeing this lovely actress was in the movie Remember the Titans. She was stunning to me. High cheekbones, perfect skin and beautiful hazel AND blue eyes (due to heterochromia iridum). And a smize (smile with your eyes) to DIE for. I’m sure she’s a great actress but I’m really only here for her style. For lack of a better description, Kate Bosworth’s style is what I call a beautiful mess.


1. It’s CAREFREE. She’s not the “I wore this once and can never wear it again” type of girl. She probably wakes up, picks something off the floor that she wore the day before, slips on some boots, jacket and hat and calls it a day.

photo (2)2. It’s unconventional.  I often describe my style as something that doesn’t make sense but works, on me. It’s the same with Bosworth. I’m sure a lot of things she wears would look like a hot mess on someone else.

photo (5)3. It’s old school. I mean, she still rocks spaghetti straps and halters for goodness sake. Weird, but it looks good on her.

photo (1)4. It’s sexy. Don’t sleep on my girl. She cleans up nicely.

photo (6)5. It’s tasteful revealing. She bares her arms ALL THE TIME. Coming from an extra petite girl who hates doing that, it’s a big deal.

photo (4)6. It’s simple. She never does too much. Ironically, Bosworth has a jewelry line called JewelMint, but you won’t catch her overdoing it. Minimalist fashion at its best.

photo (3)7. Because I just love both outfits…

photoI think Bosworth understands personal style. And if you follow her paparazzi photos long enough, her style won’t need explanation. It’s not about labels, it’s not about trends, it’s about what YOU like. It’s Bosworth’s quiet confidence that makes everything she wears amazingly beautiful.

Sources: 1 & 2.


Aztec aesthetics

Spring is upon us and I am ready to show some skin! I’m also ready to bring back an increasingly popular trend: the Aztec print. I really love the element of surprise when it comes to bold prints. There isn’t any structure to wearing the almost dizzying designs. You can wear them and pair them however you want. Whether you enjoy floral, polka dots, stripes, or animal, prints are a great way to jazz up your personal style. I mean, it’s like you’re wearing abstract art. And who doesn’t want to look like a work of art? 😉

Historically, the Aztec people were from central Mexico. Common themes for the artwork were different kinds of animals that had symbolic meaning. I imagine, the inspiration for prints today would be the varying patterns on the art and not an actual dog, lol.

Unless you’re on the runway, I wouldn’t suggest overdoing it with the prints. Focus on one or two things: a shirt, dress, shoes, or pants.


In my case, I chose to pair my printed leggings with similar printed flats.


Denim shirt: H&M; Leggings: F21; Flats: Macy’s


My friend Tamika and I headed to East Atlanta Village to take a few shots while the sun finally stopped playing hide n seek.

LucyAztec (20 of 37)

And a few candids. Sooo not a poser.

LucyAztec (22 of 37)     LucyAztec (24 of 37)     LucyAztec (30 of 37)     LucyAztec (6 of 37)

So. What prints do you rock? Will you try an Aztec print? Have you already worn it? If so, how?