Shine your light


For the longest time, I gave not even an iota of care about what anyone thought of me. But as of late, I’ve mulled and mulled over making certain decisions because I was unsure of what other people would think.

Will I be judged for posting this picture? Is someone going to think I’m conceited? Will they think I’m overly ambitious for pursuing this project? Will what I put out be accepted?

New flash: they probably already think all of the above.

The beauty of life and growth is not allowing what other people think to cripple you. What other people think of you should not stop you from being your genuine self!

One of the most liberating things you can do is accept yourself for who you are at the present moment. Your no college degree having, gap-toothed, over-analytical, wide-hipped, over zealous self. Because when you have love of SELF, the outside forces cannot destroy you.

Sharing your light is what matters. If you’re too concerned with the thoughts of others, how can you share your light? How others perceive you is not your business or your reality.

Random but, I just felt like sharing.

miss lucy

Jazz in the park

Gretchen Parlato

Before the jazz festival this past weekend, I’d never heard of this woman. All of my friends were excited to see her perform and here I was embarrassed because I should have known who she is! I love jazz. So anyway, I’ve been listening to some of her music since then and I’m in love with her voice. Her sound is like a tranquil symphonic wonderland. Super smooth and tender. And what she does with her mouth (no homo)…

Now that I think about it, her voice reminds me of Amel Larrieux’s. If they did a duet…man!

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Nailed it

On any given day, my favorite nail color would be nude. I want to say I have over 40 bottles of polish but I rarely wear them. My patience has greatly waned these days. Gone are the times when I would stay at home on a Friday night and give my nails some TLC like I used to. But I love buying polish.

One of my most recent purchases is No Place Like Chrome by Essie. Only once I get back into my groove will I attempt to add designs.

photo (39)


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Weekend at a glance: final four #60

Okay so I only found out what Final Four was about a week ago. And no, I didn’t attend any of the free concerts. They weren’t worth the traffic that I knew I’d have to face downtown.


My good friend Christopher was visiting for the weekend. I suggested we have dinner at a popular Ethiopian restaurant called Desta. Neither of us had ever been but we’ve heard great reviews. Let me tell you, it is all the hype. I ordered the Fish tibs with collards and cabbage. Very friendly wait staff and super yummy food. I seriously need to go back once a month.



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Weekend at a glance: friendsies #59

I have this thing where I can hang out with certain people 24/7. Only a few though. This weekend, I literally spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday with my FRIENDSIES Tara and Marcia. We don’t get on each others nerves. We just watch tv, get on our laptops and laugh randomly at how Marcia and I are Taurus twins. Very refreshing.


After our impromptu girls night on Friday, we decided to go to the park on Saturday.

Of course they were fashionably late so I stopped in Flying Biscuit to smash some food really quick.

photo (34)

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10 necessary grown up realizations

My friend Keila is like the therapist I never thought I needed but glad I have. Today she randomly sent me a text message asking why she had to find out about my latest venture through the internet. No real answer there except that I was sorry. But knowing that I have her support regardless really lit up my somber day.

We moved on to gchat to fully catch up. I tell you, not even fifteen minutes into the conversation, I was literally reaching for my Kleenex. Keila has an introspective way of communicating that always stirs me up. She’s just that friend that encourages you to wholly embrace whatever it is that you’re feeling. Which, at times, can be very awkward.

We talked about life choices, love, purpose and other not so fun adult stuff. It reminded me of an article I read earlier about adulthood. It’s never easy realizing that you’re an adult. That there are certain choices you’re solely responsible for. That some journeys can only be traveled alone. That sometimes you have to struggle to get the things that you want. The article lists 24 painful things you must do as an adult. Here are my two cents.

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