Weekend at a glance: family first #73

Recently, my grandfather had open heart surgery. Not sure how that affected everyone else but it made me very scared being that he’s my only surviving grandparent. Yesterday was his 80th birthday and I’m so glad that God saw fit that we could all spend a little time with him. He is a very caring and quiet man and I love him very much.

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Giving thanks

I’m thankful for one of my bestest friends in the whole entire world.

I’m thankful for her daughter, my god-daughter.

I’m thankful for the time that we get to share together.

I’m thankful for the food that was prepared.

I’m thankful for perfectly warm weather when it really should be cold.

I’m thankful for manicures!

I’m thankful for my MOMMY! Happy 50th birthday to the queen!

I truly feel that if you focus on all that you love, there will be NO ROOM for hate. Surround yourself with love and watch how happy you will be.

Peace and blessings to you and yours.

I’m still here

I was gonna complain today but I decided against it because it’s stupid. Besides, doing this exercise was more fun.

Complaining about what you don’t have, where you haven’t reached and who you aren’t (yet) is a slap in the face to God and all of the things He continues to do. Therefore, no complaints. I am grateful because…

Stay “positively present” and smile.

What I’m jamming to:

Stay present and grateful

I can across this photo challenge on Pinterest and I can’t wait to start it January 1st.

Challenge deets according to Positively Present’s blog:

There’s no real “challenge” to it; it’s mostly just a way to motivate you (and me!) to stay in the present and focus on things that we’re grateful for. There’s no reward, no punishment — just an opportunity to be more present.

I will only post the pictures on January 31st. Hopefully I’ll get my Iphone squared away by Friday so that I can use Instagram like the cool kids. Feel free to join at your leisure.

Never too busy: day thirty-one

  • Day Thirty-One: Create a list of 31 things you’re grateful for.

I’m grateful for…

  1. All of my senses
  2. Being able to wake up every morning
  3. A job to pay my bills
  4. Two parents and two siblings
  5. Extended family that are always there
  6. Good people who still do good things
  7. A positive outlook on life, come what may
  8. FOOD and the joy it brings
  9. Children and their innocence
  10. Hot water when I take a shower
  11. My limbs
  12. Technology that allows me to communicate with others
  13. Close friends who understand and care
  14. Strangers that teach you something
  15. A warm embrace
  16. A listening ear
  17. Tears and laughter
  18. Alcohol
  19. Pork bacon
  20. Passion to pursue my goals and live my purpose
  21. An endless desire to learn and grow
  22. Knowledge to know when to let go
  23. Being connected with some amazing people through social networking
  24. Memories
  25. Ignorance and naïveté. Without them, we’d all think we knew it all
  26. An insatiable desire to know God
  27. Knowing who I am
  28. Being a light and inspiration to others (humbling)
  29. The brutal truth
  30. Intimate moments
  31. Love

Oh and happy Halloween. Be safe out there. And thanks for participating in the challenge! 🙂

EPIC thanks: what I am thankful for

I’m so glad to be a part of this wonderful secret that has been going on this past week. It has been hard to keep it to myself and revealing it only to those that I thought would spread the word.

So here’s the secret revealed: 

Epic Thanks is a global celebration that seeks to change the world through the power of gratitude. Founded in 2008, the original TweetsGiving celebration was imagined and implemented by six volunteers in six days, and quickly became the #1 trending topic on Twitter as thousands of grateful tweets from across the globe filled the stream.

But the truth is TweetsGiving was never about twitter or social media. It’s about the gratitude in our hearts, and the transformative power our thankfulness can have when we share it with one another. It’s about cultivating a deep sense of for those remarkable souls who create hope in our world. That’s why this year, TweetsGiving becomes Epic Thanks.

Over the past two years, from the gratitude of thousands, this global event has built two classrooms and a library in Arusha, Tanzania, where the twitterkids, led by local changemaker Mama Lucy Kamptoni, learn and grow at one of the best primary schools in their country.

Today at 12 noon, I will be tweeting random things that I am thankful for. I want you to participate as well because when we all get together for a good cause, there is a wave of goodness that cannot be ignored. It’s fun to do something so simple  that can impact lives, one thankful heart at a time.

So here’s how you can participate these next four days:

for Twitter : tweet about that for which you are grateful and be sure to include the hash-tag #EpicThanks as well as the link http://EpicThanks.org.

for Facebook: update your status to share what you are grateful for and be sure to include the the link http://EpicThanks.org. In addition, you can also post a Note expressing your gratitude and tag your friends so as to share this gratitude with them.

for Bloggers: post a blog about that for which you are grateful and include a link back to EpicThanks.org

If you would like, you can show how thankful you are by donning a twibon: http://twibbon.com/join/EpicThanks

Send a note! CREATE a personalized thank you note at http://www.EpicThanks.org byclicking “create a thank you note” in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Thank you all! Can’t wait to read your thankful tweets! 🙂