Awkward poses make for the best photographs

In my mind, it goes something like this: smile with your eyes, pucker your lips, chin down, shoulders angled, head tilted. BAM. Le perfect photo. Vogue on em. But, not so much.  More like: blank stare, crooked fingers, broken leg and forced smile. It’s in trying to create the perfect photo that I always fail. The pictures I end up loving the most are never planned. So, lets give these poses some awkward names, shall we?


THE SURFER. Like here, I almost fell. I don’t even remember what pose I was going for but I was definitely about to make out with the concrete.

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Weekend at a glance: randomness #74

I recently celebrated my two year nappiversary! I totally haven’t posted any pictures yet because…I’m lazy. I did get my hair straightened, though. Friday, I decided to try a curly look using the bantu knot style. I personally think this style looks best on straightened or longer hair. But, do you. Mine came out alright for my first time.

Oh wait, my face. So, I’m pretty much obsessed with wearing pony tails when my hair is straight. For some reason, I don’t know whether it was the gel or humidity, but one side of my hair would not stay in the pony tail. It kept trying to revert to its curly state. Which is how I ended up doing bantu knots.


All I used was Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter on my ends.  I two-strand twisted each section, then twisted a second time to wrap it around. I secured each section with pins. Covered with a silk bonnet before bed and that’s it.

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Get my driff?

There was that time two years ago when I was a bit bolder. I wore this crop top once a week during that summer.


Something about a crop top that makes you feel brazen. A tad bit seductive without being undeniably overt.

Summertime is the only time it’s appropriate (IMO) to wear the least amount of clothes possible. No one cares. It’s too freaking hot for layers, scarves, and all other restrictive apparel.

These ladies got the drift.

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Style Spotlight: Jana-Lynn Louis

This young lady is one of my favorite favorite favorite people ever. If it doesn’t “match” or make sense, she’ll try wearing it, and wear it well. There are just some people who transcend fashion rules and trends to create their own style lane. That is Jana. I completely admire her for it. If you don’t completely love her after reading this, just remember that she used the word juxtaposition here. Check it.


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Style Spotlight: Chioma Anosike

I’ve interacted with this beautiful young lady via Instagram for a while now and I’ve fallen for her simple yet creative style. The sign of a truly stylish person is being able to reuse items from your closet over and over again and still being able to make it look brand new. That’s what Chioma of C’s Evolution of Style does in a colorful fashion. Her style in a sentence to me says, “Yup, I may have gotten that from Target but you’ll never wear it exactly like me.” And I love that!

IMG_2393 (1)

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Weekend at a glance: it feels like summer #70


Despite working overtime most of the weekend, I had a pleasant Saturday with friends. I finally got my butt up early and off to church service at Berean Seventh Day Adventist Church. Although I’m indifferent to a lot of the traditions in the SDA faith, I do miss the worship. The SDA hymnal really is a cut above the rest. But more than the music, I want to leave church feeling as though I learned something. And Pastor Russell always does that. As infrequently as I visit, each time I go, I leave with a great message tailored just for me.

This past Sabbath, he started a new series called Simple Church – Part 1: Community.  Of course I would love that, lol.

There’s always this quest…to be in community with people. We all have a need to know people fully…but we all have a need to be known by other people.

We’re so into “us” that we don’t understand community.

How is it that you can be surrounded by so many people and still feel lonely? He begins by saying he doesn’t have a solution to this problem.

Wait…….I just found the ENTIRE sermon on YouTube. Will you look at God already?! Yeessh. Technology is amazing. Let me know if you see me in the third row, center 😀

Anyway, I won’t try to summarize what he said. I love how Russell preaches and teaches the Word. Just watch.

After church, I met up with a few friends at Paschal’s for Rashad’s birthday celebration. No shade to Drake but new friends are equally as good as old friends. Old or new, I enjoy being around good energy, genuine and kind-hearted people. And of course, a Sabbath isn’t complete without a photo-op. At least not with these guys, lol. We had a blast.


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Style Spotlight: Bessie Akuba Winn-Afeku

I’ve met many people in my life but I never thought I would come across meaningful people through social media. I would read this particular woman’s tweets and think, man, she sounds like someone I could hang out with in real life. And we did finally have lunch. Sure enough, her personality online matched her real life persona. I love when that happens. Fast forward to this present moment and she’s still someone who inspires me. She knows what she wants, she’s aware of her intrinsic power and then she makes magical things happen.

Glad to have this creative lady in my life.


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