Awkward poses make for the best photographs

In my mind, it goes something like this: smile with your eyes, pucker your lips, chin down, shoulders angled, head tilted. BAM. Le perfect photo. Vogue on em. But, not so much.  More like: blank stare, crooked fingers, broken leg and forced smile. It’s in trying to create the perfect photo that I always fail. The pictures I end up loving the most are never planned. So, lets give these poses some awkward names, shall we?


THE SURFER. Like here, I almost fell. I don’t even remember what pose I was going for but I was definitely about to make out with the concrete.

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Restyle it

Remember a few years ago when I was bald and a bridesmaid? I really loved the material of that dress and had every intention of getting it refashioned. But, it wasn’t until my friends wedding date approached did I decide to make things happen.

A friend of mine connected me with an up and coming designer named Chi Chi. I knew I wanted something simple done and fairly quickly. I explained the style and she gave me exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much!

I found this really cute top literally the day before the wedding. Stepped into Zara on a wing and a prayer and the Lord was good to me. Lace top was on sale for $20. It was an extra small and I almost died getting out of it. Seriously, if you’re skinnier than me, IT IS A PROBLEM. I actually tore it a bit because I was getting scared that I would have to call someone for help. Anyway…I didn’t. And it’s still in good condition. So there’s that.

As I was coming out of the fitting room, I saw this super bold clutch on the re-shelve rack. I asked the sales girl if it belonged to anyone and she said no. And it didn’t have a price tag. Already, I knew God was about to make a way. Got to the register and it was on sale for $10. WINNING.

Completed the outfit with a simple necklace and pinky ring (from Forever 21) and my lovely cheetah print shoes (by Jessica Simpson). Hair styled by me and my mother, lol.

This experience really got me excited about restyling. There’s no need to spend an arm and a leg for a completely new wardrobe. You already have everything you need, minus a little inspiration. I can help you with that 🙂

photo (19)

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Weekend at a glance: it feels like summer #70


Despite working overtime most of the weekend, I had a pleasant Saturday with friends. I finally got my butt up early and off to church service at Berean Seventh Day Adventist Church. Although I’m indifferent to a lot of the traditions in the SDA faith, I do miss the worship. The SDA hymnal really is a cut above the rest. But more than the music, I want to leave church feeling as though I learned something. And Pastor Russell always does that. As infrequently as I visit, each time I go, I leave with a great message tailored just for me.

This past Sabbath, he started a new series called Simple Church – Part 1: Community.  Of course I would love that, lol.

There’s always this quest…to be in community with people. We all have a need to know people fully…but we all have a need to be known by other people.

We’re so into “us” that we don’t understand community.

How is it that you can be surrounded by so many people and still feel lonely? He begins by saying he doesn’t have a solution to this problem.

Wait…….I just found the ENTIRE sermon on YouTube. Will you look at God already?! Yeessh. Technology is amazing. Let me know if you see me in the third row, center 😀

Anyway, I won’t try to summarize what he said. I love how Russell preaches and teaches the Word. Just watch.

After church, I met up with a few friends at Paschal’s for Rashad’s birthday celebration. No shade to Drake but new friends are equally as good as old friends. Old or new, I enjoy being around good energy, genuine and kind-hearted people. And of course, a Sabbath isn’t complete without a photo-op. At least not with these guys, lol. We had a blast.


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Afternoon glow


The sun really has a way of ruining a perfectly staged photo. A lil Black girl like me looks washed out. Tuh. Thank goodness for a little editing. Color boost to the rescue. Thanks to my coworker for graciously ruining her shoes to take these shots on our not so lunch “lunch” break. And additional thanks to my boss for catching me about to take these pics and still letting me live on my not so lunch “lunch” break.

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Trend alert: cargo jacket

Often a must-have piece for fall, the military (or cargo) jacket can literally be worn with anything, in any season. I’ve been searching for the perfect jacket for years but they were always too expensive. I know why now. Sometimes, you have to spend a little extra money on quality items that will have lasting wearability.

Since I bought this jacket, I’ve worn it with EVERYTHING. This is not uncharacteristic of me. I love to shop my closet to see how many outfits I can create surrounding a single item. It’s a challenge but also very fun.


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