Isabel Marant for H&M 2013

From an endless list of well-known celebrities (Lana Del Rey, Beyonce & David Beckham) to designer partnerships (Jimmy Choo, Maison Martin Margiela & Lanvin), H&M knows how to consistently get our attention and sway us to spend our money. Earlier this week, H&M announced their latest collaboration with Parisian designer Isabel Marant.

Many are familiar with her fashionable wedge sneaker that all the celebrities were wearing in 2012. A myriad of knocks offs were a result of her original design. I must admit that they were cute, even if I didn’t get into them.

This time around, Marant will be creating looks beyond just for the ladies.

Images of what will be part of the collection have yet to be released although according to the statement from H&M there will be clothes and accessories for women and teenagers and for the first time, the designer will be creating a men’s collection. –Forbes

No word on what the collection consists of just yet but I’m still rather excited. Something I can afford. Yes, honey. Be on the look out for her stylish designs November 14, 2013.

French accents crack me up.

Anyway. Check out her Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear collection.

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Style Spotlight: Iris Apfel

I am in awe of people who break all social norms in order to be their authentic selves. You can’t help but to notice these people, either. One of those unforgettable people is Iris Apfel. You may not know of her but you’ve definitely seen her and her unmistakable over-sized owl-like glasses. “All the better to see you with,” she says.

I would say that fate lead Apfel to becoming the style icon she is now. Born in Queens, NY to a decorator and a fashionista, Apfel had all the humble makings of an artistic life. She studied art history and design in school. She later married and started a textile and design firm with her husband. When the Metropolitan Museum of Art displays a collection of your clothes as a tribute to your style; and when you’re given the opportunity to redesign the interior of the White House for NINE Presidential administrations, mama, you’ve made it. Rest easy.

Iris Apfel, 90-year-old New York fashion icon

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Trend alert: watercolor

When I think of watercolor, I’m reminded of my painting class freshman year in college. I sucked at painting but I was great at making a mess. You mix and mix and mix, attempting to create the perfect blend of calming colors but really, it’s just a blurry blotch of ink. This is what I associate watercolor with: an abstract, beautiful mess.

I can’t say this is a trend I’m excited about. It’s a bit bland and…watered down. Perfect for this time of year, tho. Rainy, gloomy with a splash of peace and serenity.


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Met gala ’13: chaos to couture

Keeping in mind that the annual Met Gala’s [costume] theme for 2013 was Punk, I gave every look a second and third glance. I will say, I cannot hide my disappointment with what I saw at this event.

Worst Dressed:

Beyonce disappointed me YET AGAIN (but I’m not surprised because she actually can’t dress) with her Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon ensemble. Excuse me, Givenchy .

Kim Kardashian in a dreadful vintage 70’s floral custom made couch cover. Excuse me, Riccardo Tisci.

Regularly Dressed:

There were others that must not have read the invitation stating the theme because they were dressed way too cliché for my liking. Often the Queen of this is Kerry Washington. Her style is always hit or miss. And those Olivia Pope gloves did nothing for me.

Notice that I refuse to defile my blog by posting those bland creations? Ok.

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Trend alert: cargo jacket

Often a must-have piece for fall, the military (or cargo) jacket can literally be worn with anything, in any season. I’ve been searching for the perfect jacket for years but they were always too expensive. I know why now. Sometimes, you have to spend a little extra money on quality items that will have lasting wearability.

Since I bought this jacket, I’ve worn it with EVERYTHING. This is not uncharacteristic of me. I love to shop my closet to see how many outfits I can create surrounding a single item. It’s a challenge but also very fun.


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Style Spotlight: Emma Watson

We recognize her mainly for her role as Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter film series. Unfortunately, I’ve never been a fan of the films but I have always been enamored by Emma Watson. From the moment I set eyes on her short pixie cut, I was in love.

Although she has darling young face, she manages to wow us in the most modest of clothing. She’s the girl that I imagine guys doing a “double take” for. She’s a bit of a surprise and an understated elegant young lady. She is not attempting to be categorized. It just is. And I don’t know WTF it is but it’s just different.

She reminds me of a young Victoria Beckham

What I love about her style:

1. It is very carefree and easy-breezy.

Emma Watson Street Fashion 2012

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Trend alert: black & white

While I am in love with bright and bold colors, I am equally as obsessed with the cut and dryness of black and white. For me, it’s much more than just wearing the colors. It’s about mixing and matching patterns and creating and/or designing a visually interesting piece.

Black and white are classic and effortlessly beautiful colors.

I love love love how Solange Knowles paired a horizontal striped shirt with a vertical striped pant. Solo does no wrong in my eyes.



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