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Yep. My name really is Lucy. I do love pearls and the song ‘Dance Tonight’ by Lucy Pearl. So why the name Lucy’s Pearls for le blog?

Well. A pearl is defined as the finest of gems. It is cherished because of its rarity, beauty and value. So polished and perfect, yet wild and free. Therefore, Lucy’s Pearls is where I post all of my beautifully imperfect findings. My thoughts, inspirations, style, love & appreciation of food, the arts, culture and people. It is where I inspire you to create more beautiful things, to think beautiful thoughts and to live a beautiful life.

My pearls, my gems, albeit awkwardly hilarious at times, are beautiful. I just want to share some of that with you. I promise to always be my authentic self in order to inspire you to see the beauty in what I see. And if I fail at inspiring you, at the very least, you will get a laugh out of my crazy life. Deal? 😀

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