Don’t give up


“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.” -Unknown

In the past few weeks, we’ve heard news of several celebrities choosing to end their lives. The ones that touched me the most were of a young man and woman, both in their twenties. It startled me because most times, we see celebrities as the ones who have life better than the rest of us. In actuality, they are probably the ones in the most pain.

In light of all the recent suicides, it made me think: what is it about life that causes people to lose hope to the point where they no longer feel they can live?

Life is difficult, confusing and at the very least frustrating. We don’t know if the decisions we’re making are the right ones. We never know what will happen from day-to-day. There’s never enough money or time. We’re all going through it. But to give up is to say that I wasn’t built to endure it all and that’s just not true.

I can’t pretend that I have all the right words to say to convince someone otherwise but I know that there’s a song for every situation. You may or may not believe in God but this song helps calm my spirit.

Have a happy Monday.

miss lucy

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