Style Spotlight: Nia Hand

If you’ve ever really tried to go thrifting, you know how incredibly frustrating it can be, especially if you’re used to an “in and out” style of shopping. I really wish I had the patience to search for gems but alas, I do not. But this young lady does and does it exceptionally well.


Tell us your name, where you’re from and what you do.

Nia Hand from Tallahassee, FL and I’m a Graphic Designer looking to get in to styling soon.

How would you describe your style?

I like to mix vintage and modern pieces. Or simply revamp vintage pieces to make them look like new.

You create the cutest outfits from your thrifting adventures. It is definitely a testament to your personal style. How did you get into thrifting?

I’ve always loved finding gems at Goodwill. It wasn’t until the past couple of years, I really got into thrifting because I was, and still am, on a tight budget. I love the “hunt” of it all though. It’s very therapeutic. lol. I also enjoy the fact that I can get some rare pieces that not everyone else will have.

What celebrity inspires your style and why?

Solange Knowles. I love the style that she has grown into. I want to raid her closet so badly. I love the fact she’s not afraid of color and pattern. She’s so sophisticated and sleek.


If you had to give all of your clothes away, what are five things that you would keep?

Geez…that’s hard. Hmmmm, I guess if I HAD to choose…
  • Light-weight black and white asymmetric stripe sweater
  • H&M Tank top maxi dress
  • Top shop leather belt
  • Classic skinny jeans
  • Black blazer

What does having style mean to you?

I’ve never been about “labels”…style is all about how you put things together. A lot of times, I see an outfit as “puzzle pieces” and I just have to make them fit!

What advice would you give to someone trying to find their own style?

I would say…always work on yourself. Get to a point where you are so comfortable in the skin that you are in. Of course, we all have insecurities but I try to be more comfortable and confident with trying different things, especially with what I communicate in my clothing.


I always hear “I would never think to put those together!!” or “I could never wear that, but you do it well.” I believe that is only because people don’t TRY IT! So, try things out…GO PLAY around with things you may never think you would wear and see what happens! 🙂


miss lucy

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