The new french roll


Last weekend, I attempted to put a new twist to the classic french roll of the early 90’s. You know it well. I’m sure your mom rocked the hell out of it every week for church. I happen to love anything classic so I added two different styles at the front for interests sake.

Supplies: 1) hair pins 2) edge control 3) leave-in conditioner 4) shea butter 5) brush 6) comb.

Step one: Start with clean, week old, wild and frustrating hair. Or straight hair, whatever. Moisturize your strands using your favorite leave-in conditioner and shea butter.

photo (5)

Step two: Use your comb to section off a part in the front (disregard the disgusting hair under my arm. it’s gone now, promise). Brush and slick down your edges if you are natural, please.

photo (6)

Step three: Use a piece of weave to wrap your natural hair around to create a fuller roll. Step three and four will take the longest time.

photo (13)

Step four: Pin pin pin. Your pins will be everywhere. Once you’ve gotten the roll secured, you can go back and remove the unsightly pins and replace them in the proper areas. Use your brush and edge control to smooth down frizzy hairs.

photo (12)

Finito. In style one, I twisted the front of my hair, unraveled in the morning and fluffed.

PicMonkey Collage3

PicMonkey Collage2

In style two, I combed through the twists, folded the hair from front to back and pinned them down.

PicMonkey Collage4

You like? Would you try it?

miss lucy

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