Illustrations by bianca green

I just love when I’m randomly browsing the net and find art that stops me in my tracks. Saw this art print of a camera and had to find out who had the balls to do this.

"Picture This"

“Picture This”

Her name is Bianca Green and I’m completely enthralled by her work.

Bianca is a Brazilian-American-German (whew), currently living in Berlin, Germany. She has a knack for infusing mesmerizing designs with bursts of bold, psychedelic and retro colors and patterns. Pure visual stimulation.

In my perusing, I found an entire store of her freaking amazing work. Here are a few of my favorite prints by her.

"Deer Frida"

“Deer Frida”

"These Diamonds Are Forever"

“These Diamonds Are Forever”

"Her Hair"

“Her Hair”




“He Daily Motivation”

Looks like I have some shopping to do. And definitely be on the look out for a giveaway soon 🙂

miss lucy

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