Weekend at a glance: randomness #74

I recently celebrated my two year nappiversary! I totally haven’t posted any pictures yet because…I’m lazy. I did get my hair straightened, though. Friday, I decided to try a curly look using the bantu knot style. I personally think this style looks best on straightened or longer hair. But, do you. Mine came out alright for my first time.

Oh wait, my face. So, I’m pretty much obsessed with wearing pony tails when my hair is straight. For some reason, I don’t know whether it was the gel or humidity, but one side of my hair would not stay in the pony tail. It kept trying to revert to its curly state. Which is how I ended up doing bantu knots.


All I used was Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter on my ends.  I two-strand twisted each section, then twisted a second time to wrap it around. I secured each section with pins. Covered with a silk bonnet before bed and that’s it.

The next morning, I carefully separated each twist, using EVOO on the tips of my fingers. The youtube ladies said this helps reduce frizz.





My friend Shanice and I headed to Little Five Points to shop at a pop up shop. It was hosted by a new clothing designer named Jorita. She told me that she has been sewing since high school and recently started pursuing this passion seriously.  All of her pieces were stitched quite well. To my surprise, I found the cutest romper that fit me perfectly. With each purchase, customers received a gift bag with goodies, including her super cute bowhawks. Check out her website, Planet Jag for more details.




Later that evening, I met up with friends at Centennial Park for Praise in the Park. It’s an event when different gospel artists come to perform and/or twerk…for The Lord. Kidding, kinda. The people I really wanted to see didn’t show up until the very end. Unfortunately, it started to rain and that was my cue to leave. Straightened natural hair and rain don’t mix.


Yes, that is a ferris wheel in the background. Atlanta is doing too much.

I hope you all had an amazing weekend.

miss lucy

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