Restyle it

Remember a few years ago when I was bald and a bridesmaid? I really loved the material of that dress and had every intention of getting it refashioned. But, it wasn’t until my friends wedding date approached did I decide to make things happen.

A friend of mine connected me with an up and coming designer named Chi Chi. I knew I wanted something simple done and fairly quickly. I explained the style and she gave me exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much!

I found this really cute top literally the day before the wedding. Stepped into Zara on a wing and a prayer and the Lord was good to me. Lace top was on sale for $20. It was an extra small and I almost died getting out of it. Seriously, if you’re skinnier than me, IT IS A PROBLEM. I actually tore it a bit because I was getting scared that I would have to call someone for help. Anyway…I didn’t. And it’s still in good condition. So there’s that.

As I was coming out of the fitting room, I saw this super bold clutch on the re-shelve rack. I asked the sales girl if it belonged to anyone and she said no. And it didn’t have a price tag. Already, I knew God was about to make a way. Got to the register and it was on sale for $10. WINNING.

Completed the outfit with a simple necklace and pinky ring (from Forever 21) and my lovely cheetah print shoes (by Jessica Simpson). Hair styled by me and my mother, lol.

This experience really got me excited about restyling. There’s no need to spend an arm and a leg for a completely new wardrobe. You already have everything you need, minus a little inspiration. I can help you with that 🙂

photo (19)

photo (3)


I find smiling to be an awkward thing. And posing. Broken leg pose, frowny face. Whatevs.





Go bold or go home.


How did I do?

miss lucy

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