Weekend at a glance: e-squared wedding #72


There is no remedy to love but to love more. That involves patience.

Eight years. That’s how long the road from dating to marriage was for this young couple. My, how time flies. After listening to the pastor, I couldn’t help but to have yet another positive outlook on marriage and the covenant that it should be.

Two of my friends Edwin and Edwine got hitched yesterday. When I think about their journey, I couldn’t be happier that they chose each other to spend forever together. Their love is proof of a “tried and true” union. As they recited their vows (her piece of paper hidden within her boobs and his on his gadget – SO typical of them), you could tell that it was two old pals proclaiming their commitment to each other forever. Each sentence filled with the sincerest of thoughts. They were officially becoming one.

With typical Haitian pastoral flair, the minister used an acrostic (with the bride’s name) to describe the essentials of every successful marriage.

E – elevate each other with kind words and admiration.

D – ask for Divine approval. Stay within the presence of The Lord.

W – be Willing to adjust and adapt.

I – ignore what does not matter.

N – nurture each other with quality time.

E – excuse all (forgiveness).

In an hour, it was over and we were ready to party.

But wait…can I mention that the best dressed person at the wedding was this fly girl named Carla Badio?! I wanted to snatch that outfit from her! Sophisticated sexy.


Flashback: Vanessa, Edwine and I back in our high school days. You remember taking mall photos every year for NO reason?! We couldn’t end the festivities without taking ’03 sisters pictures for old times sake!

photo (23)

We all moved to the Atlanta area at the same time. Crazy looking at these pictures and seeing that we’re grown! We’re really grown!


We danced.

photo (22)

And danced the night away..

photo (21)

I am so happy for these two. Edwin’s calm balances Edwine’s crazy so well. I know that this was a match made by the hands of God. May your marriage be filled with love, laughter and Edwine’s shriek’s! Team E².


miss lucy

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