At your best, an mvl conversation

Over the weekend, I attended the event of my friend Katrice  (My Vicarious Life). In an effort to start the conversation about living our best lives, Katrice had a panel of three women who she deemed successful. They shared with us their journey and left us with wonderful words of encouragement on pursuing our dreams.

Kudos to Katrice and to a successful event!

photo (3)

photo (4)

I don’t know about you but networking is not something I consider to be…fun. It’s nerve-racking starting up a conversation with a total stranger. Still, I force myself to meet at least one new person whenever I go out.

I casually walked up to a woman who wasn’t immersed in conversation with anyone. Just my luck, she happened to be an amazing gal! 🙂 We discussed our situations and aspirations and totally connected. And because I like to support people who are pursuing cool artsy things, I’m featuring her work right here for you all.

Meet Chevelle of Humble Sunflower designs, where she crafts greeting cards, note cards and gift cards.

photo (5)

Lucky for me, she had a sample to gift me with.


A beautiful pink and green flower thank you card. Annnnd, it came with the most precious card opener…WITH PEARLS. Uh, hello. That’s me all day.

Check out her Etsy page and show her some love 🙂

miss lucy

2 thoughts on “At your best, an mvl conversation

  1. Lucy! Love your recap; I’m an awkward networker, if I’ve ever seen one. lol I’m so glad you came, and that night was my first night meeting Chevelle too. I love her cards. I’ll be getting some.

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