Style Spotlight: Chioma Anosike

I’ve interacted with this beautiful young lady via Instagram for a while now and I’ve fallen for her simple yet creative style. The sign of a truly stylish person is being able to reuse items from your closet over and over again and still being able to make it look brand new. That’s what Chioma of C’s Evolution of Style does in a colorful fashion. Her style in a sentence to me says, “Yup, I may have gotten that from Target but you’ll never wear it exactly like me.” And I love that!

IMG_2393 (1)

Tell us your name, where you’re from and what you do.

Hi Loves! My name is Chioma and I currently live in Kentucky! I am in graduate school obtaining my Masters in Elementary Education and I am a personal style blogger over at C’s Evolution of Style!

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my personal style as a blend of vintage with a classic yet girly touch. I love timeless pieces that I can wear and re-wear in different ways. My wardrobe is filled with blazers, bright colorful scarves, blouses, maxi skirts, chunky jewelry and statement necklaces. I try to shy away from popular trends and wear what truly reflects my personal style. I love to incorporate color into almost every outfit and see how the colors play off of each other. I truly enjoy shopping in vintage stores; it is like a treasure hunt, for big kids! I get a thrill knowing a gorgeous piece that I found may be one of a kind!

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What celebrity inspires your style and why?

I would definitely say Solange Knowles and Kerry Washington are my current style crushes. When I want to share the free, funky, and eclectic side of my personality, I gravitate towards Solange for inspiration. And when I want to show my classic, sophisticated, and ladylike side Keri is my other inspiration!

If you had to give all of your clothes away, what are five things that you would keep?

Hmmmmm….that is such a tough one! LOL! I would definitely have to keep a great pair of jeans, an oversized tee, blazer, cross body purse, colorful scarf to throw on for a punch of color or even to style my hair, and a maxi skirt!! These are my absolute fave go to pieces in my closet.

What does having style mean to you?

To me having style is not about what fancy labels you can afford. In order to have true personal style you have to know what looks best on you, not follow every trend, and stay true to yourself. Having style is marching to the beat of your own drum and wearing pieces that others wouldn’t ordinarily wear but because of your confidence and personality, others are inspired by you.

IMG_2598 (1)

What advice would you give to someone trying to find their own style?

My advice to someone trying to develop their own style would be to start with purchasing classic pieces that every woman should have. A great fitted pair of jeans, blazer, dress, skirt, etc. Start by incorporating a few popular trends that you feel comfortable with, stay true to yourself, experiment with style, don’t take yourself seriously, (fashion and style should be fun!) and you will be on your way!

If you’d like to keep up with her on my social media.

Twitter | ChiomasEOS

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