Trend alert: denim jumpsuits

When I think about Spring and Summer, I think about being naked. Those excruciatingly brutal winters takes a toll on this here Floridian gal. After a season of depressing weather, I’m almost bursting for the opportunity to wear absolutely nothing at all. Which is why this denim jumpsuit trend baffles me. (Source 1, 2, 3)


With every season, trends resurface. Jumpsuits, dungarees, nothing new. In my mind, it’s almost impossible to make this – this is so annoying, I need to pee but it’s taking me twenty years to unbutton this trap suit – get up appear presentable. Yet celebrities Gwen Stefani, Kourtney Kardashian and Rihanna have given this look some relevance.

Although it’s not for me, this might be the one trend that is difficult to mess up. It’s simple and easy and hides every lump and bump. The clear winner for me is Rihanna. A simple studded hat, gold chain and a red lip. The trick to pulling this look off is not to over do it.

How to style a jumpsuit:

  • Statement necklace for a feminine appeal.
  • Boots (a la androgynous Rihanna) or platform heels.
  • Colorful handbag or clutch


1. Rebecca Taylor Bleached Denim Jumpsuit ($295.00)

2. Forever 21 Lightly Faded Denim Jumpsuit ($29.80)

3. Asos B + ab Denim Jumpsuit ($127.28)

What do you think?

miss lucy

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