Met gala ’13: chaos to couture

Keeping in mind that the annual Met Gala’s [costume] theme for 2013 was Punk, I gave every look a second and third glance. I will say, I cannot hide my disappointment with what I saw at this event.

Worst Dressed:

Beyonce disappointed me YET AGAIN (but I’m not surprised because she actually can’t dress) with her Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon ensemble. Excuse me, Givenchy .

Kim Kardashian in a dreadful vintage 70’s floral custom made couch cover. Excuse me, Riccardo Tisci.

Regularly Dressed:

There were others that must not have read the invitation stating the theme because they were dressed way too cliché for my liking. Often the Queen of this is Kerry Washington. Her style is always hit or miss. And those Olivia Pope gloves did nothing for me.

Notice that I refuse to defile my blog by posting those bland creations? Ok.

Best Dressed for the theme:

Sarah Jessica Parker is probably only one of the few (and cutest) people who can pull off almost any style. We would just suck it up and live because it’s not about what she is wearing but the confidence she exudes while wearing it. Who needs a mohawk when one can don a crown?


SJP dressed in a Giles Deacon and an outrageously fabulous Philip Treacy headpiece. Oh, and velvet, thigh-high boots by Louis Vuitton. Girl.

Kristen Stewart has repeatedly bored me on many a red carpet but I feel like she kept it classic with this monochromatic look. Check her out giving us Vogue Bella Swan.

kristen-stewart (1)

Kristen Stewart in Stella McCartney.

Best Dressed According to Lucy:

Soooo….I totally didn’t realize that this is the lead actress in ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’! Wow, talk about transformation. I love everything about this dress and her flawless face. She looks amazing.


Rooney Mara in Givenchy

JLo’s look doesn’t overtly scream punk to me (minus her hair) but I really loved this dress on her. I’m sure everyone is tired of her wearing nude colors and skin tight dresses but it works, lol.


Jennifer Lopez in Michael Kors

I’m going to give the celebs a break this year. The theme was tough. Last year was better.

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miss lucy

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