Weekend at a glance: the 28th year #63

I can’t say that celebrating my birthday is something I enjoy doing. Most times, something bad always happens. But this year, I really did enjoy myself and my company.

In the midst of my “loner” moments, I forget how much love I have surrounding me. And it’s the little things that matter to me the most: the time spent and the memories. It’s the things that money cannot buy.

I’m so very grateful to the few people who came out and celebrated with me. The new and the old friends. I really appreciate you all. Thanks for the memories. XoXo.

photo (81)

photo (86)

Dinner with the gals at Ecco.

photo (83)

Dress: Asos; Shoes: Zara; Jewelry: Forever 21

photo (92)

I met this fella through a mutual friend last year at my birthday celebration. He stuck around. Glutton for punishment.

photo (87)

My siblings

photo (89)

Nice meeting you Octavia, Veronica and Aisha!

photo (91)

miss lucy

4 thoughts on “Weekend at a glance: the 28th year #63

  1. YES, SHOESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! i was lusting for them thangs on Zara’s site but they always sell out of my size so quickly. I’m so happy someone I know owns them. You looked lovely, as usually. Happy New Year Of Life to you!

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