Weekend at a glance: green thumb #62

In another life, I was a 1950s housewife. One who loved slim waist cut floral print dresses, had pumpkin pie scented hair and just a tiny bit of dirt under her nails from playing in the garden. I’ve lived this life for a long time in my head.

As part of my pledge to do 28 acts of random kindness, I found a community garden for weekend volunteer work.


I volunteered at the Edgewood Community Garden with a group of high school students from a gifted program. One of the first youths I spoke with was Tasha. She attends the Carver School of the Arts and will be attending Spelman college after graduation. I was really impressed with her as well as the other students and what they were doing for the community.

photo (42)

Carrot on steroids. Whoa.

photo (43)

photo (59)

I’m not sure why Mother Nature won’t let us have Spring but I’m quite simply over it. Weeding and mulching in 50 degree weather is not what I consider a great time. But it soon warmed up and I was back to being happy.

photo (47)

photo (57)

Our wonderful leader, Monica, showing us how to plant tomatoes.

photo (55)

“Eat Mor Chikin”

photo (53)


I had a blast participating in the 50 Shades of Black Open Photo Shoot, hosted by my favorite photographer, Ross Oscar Knight. All shots were free, courtesy of Mr. Knight. How sweet of him.

photo (41)

photo (54)

photo (52)

As we drove to our next event, we saw the most dapper man enjoying the beautiful Atlanta sunshine.

photo (50)

photo (61)

A friend of mine invited me to a live tapping of a tv show called Twiin.

 Twiin, the Reality Show, will bring those look alikes together and put their looks to the test. The show will also see if family members and friends are convinced as well as many other surprises.

Naima Mora from America’s Next Top Model was the host. I just remember her saying “Ohh Lucyyy”. I turned around and answered. But evidently, her friend’s name is also Lucy. Oops.

photo (46)

Weekends are never long enough.

miss lucy

2 thoughts on “Weekend at a glance: green thumb #62

  1. That is totally awesome! I wish more students would get involved in community service. That was apart of our graduation requirements.

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