Style Spotlight: Emma Watson

We recognize her mainly for her role as Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter film series. Unfortunately, I’ve never been a fan of the films but I have always been enamored by Emma Watson. From the moment I set eyes on her short pixie cut, I was in love.

Although she has darling young face, she manages to wow us in the most modest of clothing. She’s the girl that I imagine guys doing a “double take” for. She’s a bit of a surprise and an understated elegant young lady. She is not attempting to be categorized. It just is. And I don’t know WTF it is but it’s just different.

She reminds me of a young Victoria Beckham

What I love about her style:

1. It is very carefree and easy-breezy.

Emma Watson Street Fashion 2012

2. It is glam, mixed with a bit of edge.

Emma-Watson-1 EmmaWatson

3. It is mature and elegant when need be.

emma-watson-elie-saab-dress Emma-Watson-1 (1)

4. It can be androgynous. Androgyny is by far one of my favorite styles. A girl who can pull this look off and still resemble a beautiful young lady is a winner in my book.

preppy emma watson

5. It is polished and prim.


Gaaaah! I just love her.


miss lucy

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