Weekend at a glance: is your love big enough? #61

I try my best to at least spend one day over the weekend catching up on rest. That never happens.  One moment it’s Friday evening, the next moment it’s Sunday morning. We really need a day between Saturday and Sunday just to relax.

I spent Friday night at a club. Totally not my scene but Vanquish is one of the nicer clubs in Atlanta. Still, clubs give me the heebie-geebies so we left pretty early and I took myself to dinner.

Saturday, I rested up until the Lianne La Havas concert.


“hand me down” top; shorts from Macy’s; clutch from F21; sling backs from Ralph Lauren


First of all, if you haven’t heard of her before, go watch this and this. You won’t have to question whether she sings well live. Here’s proof:


My friends Lydie, Lynn, Naomie and Nagzah

She sang pretty much all of her songs, since she only has one record so far.


Sunday I went to see the Jackie Robinson movie, 42. Love. Love. Loved. It definitely confirmed my beliefs on love and what I look forward to experiencing one day. Will blog later. GO SEE IT.

miss lucy

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