Your own motivation


You ever feel like you’re in a rut? Simply going through the motions?

Your job is draining you so much that you no longer care about the money?

You constantly daydream about a vacation?

You feel like you’ll never accomplish all of the goals you’ve set out?

You feel like you need a clone in order to complete everyday tasks?

You feel like the weekend is never long enough?

You want to do more but there’s never enough time?

You feel like there’s gotta be more to LIFE than THIS?

These questions run through my mind at least once a week; usually on Mondays.

I think we all occasionally get burnt out from our routines. Motivating yourself to act is tough. And most times, we don’t need someone to push us. We know what we need to do. Sometimes, we just want to feel our way through whatever it is that is bothering us until we discover a solution on our own.

When you feel like this, don’t stay there too long. Grab that book that you’ve been meaning to read. Start that project that you’ve been prolonging. Fix that table with the shaky leg. Draft that blog post that you’ve been avoiding.

Literally SPEAK to yourself in these moments. I have voices in my head so it’s quite easy for me, lol. When you start to feel lazy, say your name out loud and tell yourself what you need to do. And maybe it’s just one thing. Don’t beat yourself up about it. You did it. Cross it off your list and move on.

Then go eat ice cream.

miss lucy

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