Weekend at a glance: final four #60

Okay so I only found out what Final Four was about a week ago. And no, I didn’t attend any of the free concerts. They weren’t worth the traffic that I knew I’d have to face downtown.


My good friend Christopher was visiting for the weekend. I suggested we have dinner at a popular Ethiopian restaurant called Desta. Neither of us had ever been but we’ve heard great reviews. Let me tell you, it is all the hype. I ordered the Fish tibs with collards and cabbage. Very friendly wait staff and super yummy food. I seriously need to go back once a month.




I’ve been saying that I would go to church for weeks now, lol. Embarrassed. I finally did and I got a great Word. The weather was too great not to have a mini backyard photo shoot.

Proper photophoto-36

Pretending to be a model. Actually, this wasn’t planned. I was just fixing my hair 😀


Everyone is so busy nowadays. It’s hard to just meet up and chat with friends. We have to pull out calendars and plan in advance , often weeks in advance. Thankfully, my friend Meagan was available for lunch. We’ve been planning this date for MONTHS. Finally, my first taste of paella (from La Fonda). Ps, I’ve got to stop saying squid & calamari as if they are separate foods. Ugh.



If you haven’t noticed, I eat out a lot. Yep, mint.com tells me that I’ve gone over my spending budget every month. Sigh. I just love food. I especially love a good brunch. My friend Tara took me to a quaint little place in Roswell called Public House. All I can say is don’t say you’re a Democrat there, lol. I just got a creepy Southern vibe from it but the food was love.

I dunno, I saw him outside.


One of my Twitter friends notified me that her colleagues would be at Atlantic Station working with Dockers. Visitors were able to try on the pants and if they fit, they got to keep them. Unfortunately, I came too late on both Saturday and Sunday. No free pants for me. But I did get to meet Lauren and Dushane.


Mmmm. Italian ice.


Wait, I lied. There was a celebrity at Atlantic Station. Charles Barkley…? Ok.


miss lucy

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