The sweetness of sadness

Have you ever been so happy that it made you sad?

Okay so, random. I’m in love with sadness. Like, I’m immensely intrigued by it…

I try to understand what makes people sad. Why they do certain things when they’re sad. I try to figure out the stories behind brilliant songs that are created from a sad place and time. There’s something so raw and beautiful about sadness. When you’re sad, you’re open to being vulnerable. I can connect to that. Deeply.

“I have found that the saddest people are also the funniest, and only those who understand complexity can communicate simplicity.”

A while back I was on a blog and Harmonie Du Soir by Haruka Nakamura was playing softly in the background. I turned my speakers up and replayed the song over and over and over again until I was literally consumed by the sounds. I felt everything and nothing at the same time. It’s weird. Like, being really happy because everything is seemingly going your way, but sad because…what if it ends?

miss lucy

2 thoughts on “The sweetness of sadness

  1. This is why you’re my soul sister. I’ve often described myself as the happiest, sad person that I know because I’m an eternal optimist and smiling and joyful all the time, I’m always sad because I know that everything is temporary, I feel the weight of the world all the time, and I’m always overwhelmed with life.

    Just recently read a post on sadness on Thought Catalog:–k0maAznw/

    But this excerpt below really resonated for me and probably will for you too:

    “I don’t feel sad because I’m depressed. I don’t feel depressed because I’m crazy. I like being sad because sad inspires me. I like being sad because sad gives me courage to say things. Sad gives me an excuse — more than anger or euphoria or mundaneness — to speak my mind. Sad sometimes even gives me a free pass for the things that escape my lips when I receive said courage.

    I like being sad because it gives me time — time to reflect, be quiet, be still, and just think. Sad allows me to center myself. It allows me to regroup, reorganize, and throw things together in ways that I never would have thought of had I been happy.”

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