Weekend at a glance: new beginnings #57


My friend Angelique is getting married!! I attended her bachelorette party at Frank Ski’s. I’m very happy for her and her boo. You guys are an amazing couple.

photo (17)



It was a pleasure to be included in Vaughn’s natural hair documentary, Play With It. When I initially met him through a friend, I was hesitant about participating. I’m not a natural hair zealot nor a product junkie. I let my hair do what it wants. Vaughn said that’s why he wanted me to join in and give a different perspective. I looked over his site and really liked his vision and that’s that!

Stay tuned!

photo (18)

I spent the majority of a beautiful day with two of my favorite people: my Godbabymama and Goddaughter. That little lady wore me out.

photo (19)

Of course, there were beer crawls galore. A friend and I stopped by Little Five Points for a bit before heading over to a going away celebration for my friend, Kim. We both attend Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church. She sings in the praise team. I will definitely miss her sweet voice! 😦

photo (16)


The day that I was nervous about…

I never really discuss things I’m super passionate about because…well, I don’t want to disappoint people, or myself. I’ve decided to launch a site all about women and for women. My good friend Bessie was in town from Germany for a few days. She graciously rendered her services for little ole me. Words cannot express how grateful I am to her. She is such an AMAZING woman.

photo (15)

HUGE thank you to my friends Nykita, Katrice, Tara and Lydie for supporting me. You ladies are PHENOMENAL!


miss lucy

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