One night in a cafe

She couldn’t remember the last time she sat this close to a man and felt anything. This was nice. This felt different, comforting and familiar. Men rarely impressed her but his silent confidence piqued her interest. This was good, yeah.

Sitting side by side, they chatted about random things like old friends. Her head gently brushing his shoulder every once in a while. All of a sudden, without thinking twice, she decided to make a move. Slowly, she twisted her neck up to meet his face. She kissed his cheek. Something tender, short and sweet. But to her surprise, he aimed for her lips. And right there, in a corner of a cafe, they kissed like it was their last first kiss. Passionately, hungrily.

They looked to see that they had the cafe to themselves. It was closing time and thus time to part ways.

Like a true gentleman, he walked her to her car. They stood staring into each others eyes but not in that awkward creepy kind of way. Something felt good about that guy. He calmed her. She wasn’t ready to go home, seemingly, neither was he. They shared an embrace which lead to another, this time deeper kiss. He cupped her face, she gripped his waist. She could feel his heart racing, matching her own. Her back collided against her driver’s side door. They were lost in each other.

Too much, too soon? Does one interrupt the natural flow of chemistry? Think logically?

Eventually, they begrudgingly let go. They said their goodbyes and she watched him walk away. This could be the beginning of something good or foreshadow to a beautiful ending. The way it began.

Sometimes I close my eyes and imagine or relive. I open my eyes and write so that I will never forget.

miss lucy

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