Style Spotlight: Kate Bosworth





My first time seeing this lovely actress was in the movie Remember the Titans. She was stunning to me. High cheekbones, perfect skin and beautiful hazel AND blue eyes (due to heterochromia iridum). And a smize (smile with your eyes) to DIE for. I’m sure she’s a great actress but I’m really only here for her style. For lack of a better description, Kate Bosworth’s style is what I call a beautiful mess.


1. It’s CAREFREE. She’s not the “I wore this once and can never wear it again” type of girl. She probably wakes up, picks something off the floor that she wore the day before, slips on some boots, jacket and hat and calls it a day.

photo (2)2. It’s unconventional.  I often describe my style as something that doesn’t make sense but works, on me. It’s the same with Bosworth. I’m sure a lot of things she wears would look like a hot mess on someone else.

photo (5)3. It’s old school. I mean, she still rocks spaghetti straps and halters for goodness sake. Weird, but it looks good on her.

photo (1)4. It’s sexy. Don’t sleep on my girl. She cleans up nicely.

photo (6)5. It’s tasteful revealing. She bares her arms ALL THE TIME. Coming from an extra petite girl who hates doing that, it’s a big deal.

photo (4)6. It’s simple. She never does too much. Ironically, Bosworth has a jewelry line called JewelMint, but you won’t catch her overdoing it. Minimalist fashion at its best.

photo (3)7. Because I just love both outfits…

photoI think Bosworth understands personal style. And if you follow her paparazzi photos long enough, her style won’t need explanation. It’s not about labels, it’s not about trends, it’s about what YOU like. It’s Bosworth’s quiet confidence that makes everything she wears amazingly beautiful.

Sources: 1 & 2.


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