Weekend at a glance #54


I got my hair straightened for the first time since my one year anniversary last year. I probably should have checked the weather first because it’s going to rain all week. But I really needed it and I was oh so tired of my puff. I was really pleased with the results!! She worked wonders.

photo (19)


What a long and eventful day. Started it off with brunch at Murphy’s with my friend Katrice. It’s so hard to catch up with friends these days. Everyone is busy or busy looking busy. I’m glad I made plans with Katrice. She’s sort of an inspiration 🙂

And my meal? Spinach, mushrooms, poached eggs on focaccia bread with sundried tomato hollandaise. Yum.


Friend and photographer Tamika took some shots of me that’ll be up for Friday’s style post. Thankfully, the sun was good to me.


Oh! And I met the most interesting (read: odd) guy. While we were taking photos, he was building some type of monument. We asked him what it was and he said it was a Linga. He said it was a symbol of fertility. I googled it later on and did not see any statues similar to what he created but…I’m always here for artistic expression so, do your thing, sir.


To end my night, I had a hot date with a hot girl at TWO Urban Licks.


I love her.



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