Green garden

It takes a lot to impress me. We’ve gotten so used to being impressed by mediocrity that we can’t recognize the beauty in the simplest things. Take creativity, for instance. When it comes to creativity, I know what I like. Colors, shapes, symmetry, blurs, concepts, angles, direction, etc. If I see something and I’m immediately hypnotized by it, most likely, I am impressed.

This is how I felt when one of my friends put me on to a new artist named Laura Mvula. Side note: I absolutely LOVE when people see something and think “Lucy would like this”. Makes my heart smile. Anyway. Laura is an English songstress hailing from Birmingham, UK.

What I love about the video:

  • The muted colors (huge fan of tans); the soft beams of light
  • The organic feel: no props, just people, a parking lot and a garden
  • The sounds: the harmonies, the consistent clapping & beat of the drums
  • The people: all I can say is, I LOVE BEING BLACK
  • The dancing: reminds me African dances from slavery

There were so many different sounds happening at once in the video but everything blended perfectly. Purchase her new album, Sing to the Moon, here.


I’ll go, wherever you go, wherever you take me, I’ll go.


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