Beyonce in Emilio Pucci

I probably should write about how cute and poised Sasha and Malia were. Or how graceful and charming Michelle Obama always is. Or how Barack always bites his bottom lip and has a twinkle in his eye, just for me. But really, I just want to discuss the fabulousness that was Beyonce Giselle Knowles on Inauguration Day.

1. The entrance – Undoubtedly the best looking COUPLE (because Jay-Z alone, Lord help us…).


2. The transformation – When this Creole beauty transforms into Sasha Fierce, it is something to behold. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen it happen until this performance. You don’t believe me? Watch 0:35.


3. The enchantment – You can’t help but to be mesmerized when she opens her mouth to sing. It’s like…the voices of ten thousand Ariel’s (from The Little Mermaid, of course). It’s like…the victorious sound you hear after you close your eyes and take the first bite of your favorite burger.  It’s like…the melodious sound you hear after you returned that five dollar bill someone dropped from their pocket (an extra star on your crown). She has one of the few voices that seems effortless and is unforgettable.

P.S. Revel in the magnificence that is her posterior.


4. The vein – People are up in arms after news reported that Beyonce did not sing live. I too was taken aback. I mean, look at that vein! Is that a vein of someone who isn’t actually belting out something?? Lip-synced and all, she slayed.


Look. I’m probably the biggest Beyonce stan and critic at the same time. I’m enamored by her strength. She has without a doubt perfected her craft. She manages to keep her personal life private, despite living a very public life. She is discreet and almost mechanical in the face of “haters”. But, I just don’t like that I still don’t get who she is. Unlike her sister, whom I ADORE. And I understand they don’t have the same level of success. I get it. Maybe that’s why I like Solange more. Or why I can connect with her more. And maybe all that Beyonce can give us is what she consistently gives us. It must be tiring having to be perfect all of the time. At the least, I hope she’s herself behind closed doors.

Anyways. The point is, Beyonce is a damn good performer. NO ONE can question that. Her vocals are unmatched. And we love her for it.

Black velvet Emilio Pucci gown, Christian Dior coat and emerald jewelry by Lorraine Schwartz.


2 thoughts on “Beyonce in Emilio Pucci

  1. I honestly don’t know why people care if she was lip syncing…and it’s obvious those people don’t understand how hard singing can be. I mean, conditions were less than desirable for this. People just love to hate.

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