Weekend at a glance: joy #51

What better way to recap the previous weekend than to celebrate the approaching weekend! #LatePass


A few of my good friends and I went to see Anthony David and the band Gritz & Jelly Butter perform at Indigo Bar. And the band is just as cool as their name.

photo (34)

Ended the night at Cafe Circa with the ladies.

photo (35)


Helped a friend coordinate a wedding. Look, wedding planning is no joke. I wasn’t even involved in the process, just the day of stuff but geez louise. I had to have a few drinks. But great night. Congrats to Dany and Tiffani!

photo (32)

photo (33)


Sundays were definitely made for relaxation and friends. My friend Walter hosts these Sunday dinners at his spot. A bunch of friends come together, eat, fellowship, dance. In this case, support a charity. Fun times.

photo (31)

Click on the pic below to see them moooove.

tumblr_m8icr9EkFK1r0ykpto1_500 (1)

Cheers to the freakin weekend, baby!


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