Let it be

Besides being one of my favorite style bloggers, Karla has brought inspiration for the location of my next tattoo.

Tattoos are kinda sexy to me. They are a creative form of expression. How even more beautiful they become when you know the story behind them. I got my first tattoo over a year ago and I’ve been itching to get my next one ever since.

Everyday, I write at least two quotes on a sticky note. Thoughts that stick out to me throughout the day. I’ve tried to pursue a “let it be” lifestyle but it’s hard to do as a worrier. I’ll go over and over and over a situation in my mind. I’ll even create “lines” that the other person (in my head) would say. It’s bizarre. But it’s part of my process of making sense of things. In the end, though, it just gives me gas.

All week I’ve mulled over this phrase. A friend of mine posted a picture of those words on Pinterest, along with the song by The Beatles. And at that moment, I knew my decision was final. For me, “let it be” means just going with the flow. It means I acknowledge that life is fluid; it goes on despite what I’m going through. Unlike my sticky notes that I rarely go back to for reference, my tattoo will be that permanent reminder to just let things BE.

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