Weekend at a glance – Taste of atlanta #49

My past few weekends have been really chill as I’m saving all of my energy for my Nigeria trip. Nothing to run home and blog about. I had a really random weekend with a good friend Nykita is moving away pretty soon. I hate to see her go but I know that she will be great in Liberia.


After a yummy brunch at Steam House Lounge. So. I’ve tried oysters twice before but I had a difficult time getting past the squishy texture. But, I was willing to give it one more try. After some convincing, I tried a small piece that was drizzled with lemon juice and hot sauce. Yummy!! I was seriously pleasantly surprised. I will try it again.

Afterwards, we made our way to a bridal shower. I tell you, moms make bridal events hilarious. The mother of the bride just kept the jokes coming. One of the best parts of the night was the toilet paper wedding dress. Each team was required to “design” an entire wedding dress out of a roll (or maybe two rolls) of toilet paper. They were both really nice actually. After viewing the designs, the judges (oh yes, there was a panel straight from Project Runway) decided that Nykita was the winner of “toilet paper fashion”.


Just imagine 80 of Atlanta’s yummiest restaurants all in one place. Depending on the amount of tickets you purchased, you were able to sample tasty dishes from all kinds of restaurants. I won’t say that I am a foodie buuuut, I love, love, food. I was in Heaven.

First, we tasted the chili from BrickTops. Topped with a dollop of sour cream. Perfection.

My absolute favorite were the barbeque shrimp and grits from Max Lager’s. Seriously the best I’ve ever had.

I’m a huge meat eater. Pause. I LOVE RIBS! I will be paying D.B.A. Barbeque a visit soon.

OH??? You thought there would be a taste of Atlanta without one of Atlanta’s finest dining establishments?! C’mon.

Her outfit definitely caught my eye. I was trying not to be too creepy, though.

We had a blast. Well done, Atlanta.

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