Weekend at a glance – frank #46

Sigh. I miss this past weekend so much. Probably the best three-day weekend of the year. Maybe. Friday, I cooked a meal for a friend and I must say that I did very well.

I found a recipe for green beans and bacon (yum) and it turned out great. I can never go wrong with my oven roasted ranch red potatoes. And then I topped it off with cheese. Good enough to DIE for. Oh, and blackened tilapia. The best.

Saturday, my sister graduated from Cosmetology school. YAAAAY!!! I thought I was going to be late because I couldn’t decide what to wear…

…but my sister LIED to us about the start time -___-. It was so interesting to see a sea of weaves and “beat” faces. Nothing but the premium of hair. It was a very long but enjoyable service.

me and sis

sis and the parentals

me, bro, sis and the parentals. the gang.

Sunday was my relaxation day. Got a good Word in at church and had a yummy solo brunch. I went home to take a nap and woke up to a text saying to give the person a call. When I called back, he told me that he had tickets to see….FRANK OCEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Backstory. A month ago (maybe a week or two before he “came out”), I tried to purchase tickets but they were sold out. I mentioned it to my friend and he mentioned that he would see if he could get his hands on some tickets. But in my mind, I wasn’t going. So I pretty much forgot about it. So when he told me he got them, I was sooooo giddy!!!! I managed to pull something together and head out to Center Stage to see my boo.

Siiiiigh. *major swoonage* Back to reality

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