The embarrassment

We all know what happens when we drink a little bit too much wine. True words are spoken. We’re free to be the expressive persons we wouldn’t naturally be without the aid of libations. I remember the days of my early 20s very well. I’d never want to relive them. At least I didn’t think I did. Until last night.

I attended the “Love is Art” iphone App Launch Party at the Bill Hallman store at Atlantic Station. My friend Nykita, Dominique and I were enjoying ourselves, shopping and sipping wine, taking in the ambiance. From the beginning, I noticed a very handsome man. I told Nykita that there is an exceptionally attractive man in here. By the end of the night, I told her that I needed to talk to him.

Of course that was liquid courage talking. I mean, I was feeling good. Confidence on 8.5. So when this beautiful man was all alone and within reach for a split second, I went for it. I introduced myself and told him that I found him very attractive. I mentioned that I had no idea who he was. He laughed and said, “I like the compliment better”. I can’t remember if I told him he was the most attractive man in the room. If I didn’t, I should have.

He smiles. I don’t remember ever asking his name. Maybe he told me and I immediately forgot. I didn’t expect to ever see him again. And Lord knows I’m horrible with names. So we’re talking and he tells me I have a pretty name. Blah blah. He asks what I do for a living and I told him. Of course I mentioned that I don’t work too far and that I frequent Atlantic Station very often.  But, that it was my first time in Bill Hallman. Oversharing.

I asked him what he did and he said he worked there. I figured that much. I saw him exit from the storage room. Yes, I kept tabs on him most of the night. I didn’t want him to leave!

Anyway, I faintly remember him offering me his number. This is left to be determined. YOU DECIDE. I’m pretty sure it was said. Even if it would have been the job number.

Someone approached us and began speaking with Mr. Handsome. Mr. Handsome introduced him as Will. Will introduced himself to my friend and so did Mr. Handsome. That’s the first time I remember hearing Mr. Handsome’s name. Will made a joke because Mr. Handsome’s name rhymed with Will. Things still weren’t clicking upstairs for me.

When I got home, I googled Bill Hallman. Surely, I needed to know a little bit more about the store before I could write a blog post about the event. As soon as I googled the name, Mr. Handsome’s picture showed up. Hey, that’s Bill! Mr. Handsome’s name is Bill…..Wait….THE Bill Hallman….? Yes, THE Bill Hallman.

Let me tell you something……………..I FELT SO DUMB.

Here I am, telling THE Bill Hallman that I have NO idea who he is but that he’s extremely handsome. FOOLISH GIRL.

Anyway….the party was loads of fun. Whenever you get a chance to gallivant around Atlantic Station, make sure you stop by Bill Hallman.

And definitely check out the Love is Art Kit by Jeremy Brown. An amazing concept I would love to support, once I take on a lover for life.

4 thoughts on “The embarrassment

  1. Awww. 🙂 Maybe it’s not so bad. I mean things happen for a reason sometimes – not always the one we think, but you never know. I think people should live their courage every once in a while anyway. Liquid or otherwise, if we don’t make mistakes we don’t learn, where and how to be sensitive to our surroundings. But maaaaybe this isn’t a mistake. What if you run into him somewhere, as long as he’s not gay – he may remember you. Who knows? 😉

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