Time is precious, time is sweet

I’ll be the first to admit that I am lazy. I like to take my time getting ready, no rush. I love to sleep and lounge around when I have time to myself. No talking, no people, just me time to do whatever I want. When it comes to me, this is okay. But when I am on someone else’s time, this behavior is unacceptable. I am understanding more and more that other people’s time must be respected just as much as my own.

Three ways to be more mindful of time:

1. Keep a planner. Mark every appointment down. I’m partial to sticky notes but you can also use your phone to set an alarm as a reminder. Give yourself a few extra minutes to arrive ahead of time too!

2. Keep your word. When you and that person set a time to meet, be there when you say you will. And if an issue arises and you cannot keep that promise, update the person. We’re all human, things happen. But you have to communicate.

3. Be appreciative. Time is something that cannot be taken back. Once it’s gone, it is gone forever. So when someone wants to spend time with you, appreciate that. That person thought that much of you.

Time is so so precious to me that I refuse to waste it doing anything that will not make me happy in some way. Whether it is work or with people. It is your time. Use it the way you see fit but by all means, do not waste it.

Right now, I’m spending my time catching up on some sweet tunes that I’ve recently downloaded onto my laptop. I’ve been playing this Amel Larrieux album over and over and over again. It is the ultimate wind down album. Slowly becoming one of my favorites. Check her out!



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