Weekend at a glance: #SBOC12 #44

What do you call a weekend with fabulously dressed women speaking about blogging? A damn good time is what I call it! This past weekend, I attended the first annual Style Bloggers of Color conference, also known as #Mattiepalooza.

So there’s this wonderful woman named Mattie, who figured, hey, Atlanta doesn’t have a style bloggers conference. Gasp! So she created one and we thank her for it.

Friday night, we kicked it off with a fashion show, then an all day conference on Saturday with amazing speakers and finally a brunch on Sunday with the lovely Claire Sulmers of The Fashion Bomb Daily. Google her.

Since this is just a re-cap, I will not post every picture I took. Plus, you should’ve been there! 😉 There’s always next year.

Tavia, my lacefront, had to make a special appearance.

A wealth of information from our awesome panelists.

Fly girls. Jessica, Fly Won and Jillian.

My shirt was a hit.

These chics rock! Danica, KristenKim and Mae.

The gorgeous ladies at my table for brunch. Jarette, Parker, Stephanie, Jillian and Dominique.

*squeal* Claire Sulmers, ladies and gentleman.

Thank you SO MUCH, Mattie! I had a blast.

To see more photos, check out Mattie’s post, the Style Bloggers of Color website and fan page.

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