Weekend at a glance: memorial #42

I will never drive my car to Florida again.

This may or may not be a lie.

But seriously. Atlanta -> Orlando -> Tampa -> Fort Lauderdale -> Miami -> Tampa -> Orlando -> Atlanta. TOO. MUCH.

For a last minute trip, it was pretty swell. Minus some moments. *cough* south beach and the face eater *cough*

Celebrated my friend Eve’s birthday. Woot!

Had drinks at the bar with Marco.

Got silly at Fort Lauderdale beach.

Chilled with some cousins.

Had brunch with my oldest best friend, Santra.

Splash time at Sunny Isles Beach, Miami.

And made it back home just in time (literally) to see Robert Glasper perform at the Atlanta Jazz Festival.

Good times.

2 thoughts on “Weekend at a glance: memorial #42

  1. Hello Beautiful One! I’m trying to get back to commenting on a more regular basis. I’m always reading even when I don’t stop to give a shout 🙂

    Looks like you had a fun filled weekend! Loooooove the retro bathing suit!

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