Weekend at a glance #40 showtime


I had the pleasure of seeing the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater at The Fox Theater this past weekend. As someone who lives and breathes the Arts, I was not new to this show. This was my third time seeing the performance. If they performed the same pieces every year, I’d see it over and over again. There’s something so moving and peaceful about dance that stirs me up inside. I get all choked up! Lol. Needless to say, it was AMAZING!

The show I saw opened up with Arden Court and I couldn’t contain myself. It was a mixture of the classical music and graceful movements that captured me. My heart was beating so fast. The men did a fabulous job in that scene.

I had the pleasure of wearing a dress made by Liberian designer Archel Bernard. She is AMAZING and I LOVE my dress! Please check her out and support small businesses.

So happy my friends were able to join me.


And Esther

And Stephanie but she refused to be photographed.


I spent time with one of my godbabymama and my goddaughter. After carrying on like most two-year olds do, by the end of the night, she held my hand, kissed me AND gave me a hug. Love.

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