Weekend at a glance #39

Nothing fantastical ever happens during the Winter.  The past couple of weekends have included a lot of sleeping and lounging in bed. Nothing to write a post about. Since last month’s challenge, I’ve been putting much focus into remaining in the present. Storing memories in my mind instead of trying to capture each moment on camera. But I couldn’t resist this weekend. I got to enjoy it with the company of some great friends.


My friend Mark turned 25. Unfortunately, he is not pictured here. Sorry Mark! Lol. But I did take a picture of my slamming burger. Thanks, Gordon Biersch!

And some of my favorite girls from college.

And a quick outfit shot. FYI, Marshall’s is on the come up. I’ve been sleeping on them. How cute is my top?!


After bridesmaid duty, a friend and I stopped by one of my favorite brunch spots, West Egg.

Later, I went to my friend Tiffany’s housewarming. Can I just ask WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?! Tiffany’s townhouse is just a splash more than amazing.  But I digress. Happy for her. She works hard and deserves it. CHEERS!



It was baby Preston’s birthday!!! He got his first haircut just for the occasion. I don’t think he’ll remember his first birthday but the adults had fun on his behalf.

Oh yea, then there was Superbowl. *yawn*

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