Weekend at a glance: so this was christmas #38

I can sum up this weekend in one word: CHURCH. Not that that’s a bad thing. I mean, it is all for sweet baby Jesus.

But first, my cousin had a Christmas party. You know those people who get really excited about decorating and spreading Christmas cheer? She’s one of them. Lol.

me, my cousin and my sister

I don’t speak about animals because quite frankly, I’m scared of them. BUT, I met a poodle that night named Apple-Love that may have cured my fear. She is soooo cute and harmless. I hope my cousin gets her.

Saturday, I attended a wonderful service at Buckhead Church. Something beautiful happened at the end. All those who were recently baptized or rededicated their life to Christ were asked to light a candle. Myself included. This year, I made a serious decision to find God for myself and it’s been the most eye-opening experience ever. No regrets.

I attended a second service at Berean Seventh Day Adventist Church. Needless to say, I was churched out for the day.

Christmas Day, I attended Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church. HAPPY “BIRTHDAY” JESUS.

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