L & M nuptials

Many many many moons ago, I met the most charming young lady named Lerone. I’m not sure what initially bonded us together being that we’re so different and were in different classes but we’ve been the best of friends since. A few weeks ago, my Leroni-Macaroni (lol) got married. I must say that I was a bit nervous. I was sure the girls would’ve worn dresses from the Victorian era or something crazy. I had no doubt that it would be anything short of unique and that it was.

I’ll go ahead and tell you why I loved this wedding so much. I’m a huge fan of personalization. Everything about this wedding reminded me of my friend. From the colors to the monograms to the gifts and even the food. I kept finding myself saying, “This is so Lerone!” after every single thing and that level of personalization (to me) makes a wedding absolutely beautiful.

But first…

Dress: Forever 21, Shoes: Nina

Yup, running late but still managing to snap a photo, or two.

The groom's father, Dr. Ben Carson, speaking

Pastor Wintley Phipps blessing them in song

The big C for Carson. How friggin cute!

My other middle school BFF, Tammi-Yammi LOL

So Hollywood

Oh, I don't mind listening to a harpist playing contemporary tunes while I wait.

Just a harpist. No big deal.

So there was a tree. You dipped your finger in ink to create a "leaf" and then wrote your name on said leaf. Genius memory board.

My Quincy

Dining hall at The MEZZ

The best wedding table, ever

MY FAVORITE!!! Each guest received personalized bookmarks made from wire.

Mr. and Mrs. Carson 🙂

A PEARL! Perfect!

Jerk chicken, grilled salmon, garden blend wild rice, mixed veggies and asparagus. Jamaican style 🙂

The Milford's

One of the last things Lerone said to me before I left was, “girl, I better be on your blog!” LOL! Yes ma’am! I got you, boo. Love her.

Oh and P.S., I don’t have to remind you not to steal my pictures, right? Just checking.

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