Prada party

Last night I attended the benefit party at the new Prada store at Lenox Square Mall. I couldn’t even afford a key chain but that’s not the point. Portion of the proceeds went to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. I wish I knew who the “it” people to know in Atlanta were but I don’t. I do think some of those people were in Prada last night. I was surrounded by money.

My dear friend and model, Mishael.

So I feel like this guy is someone. You can’t boldly wear a sweater like that and not be the center of attention.

DJ Kiss! She was really awesome. I kept thinking, “man, she looks really familiar” so I approached her for her business card. She’s a pretty big deal. Her only request: not to put her on any mailing lists. Honey, what? Deal.

I feel like this girl is someone. Ugh. WHO IS SHE?!

Good times. Great alcohol. Hopefully a lot of money raised. Thanks for the invite, Danica!

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