#WorldAIDSday 2011

It’s that time of year again where we’re reminded to bring awareness to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. It’s unfortunate that we have to put more focus on a day than year round but I digress. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the virus. Black Womens’ Health Imperative posed the question, “What will it take to get Black women to zero?” and my answer is simply: value. I thought it would be knowledge but sometimes when you know better, you don’t necessarily do better.

Nationally, Black women account for 66 percent of new cases of HIV among women, and HIV/AIDS related illness is now the leading cause of death among Black women ages 25-34. -via Black Womens’ Health Imperative

We have to recognize that we only have ONE life. We have to cherish and value our bodies. One careless mistake can easily result in death. When we recognize the value of life, we’ll start to change our habits, our decisions and essentially our lives. No one should (or will) care more about your life than you do. You have to protect it.

This years popular campaign is the World Aids “Getting to Zero” campaign with the sole purpose of ending AIDS by 2015. That means “Zero new HIV infections, Zero discrimination, Zero AIDS-related deaths”. This is everyone’s fight and there are many ways that you can help. As we reflect on the many lives that were lost in the fight, let us support for all the ones that are continually fighting. There is something you can do. Be an activist.

P.S. To the bottom left of my page is a widget to find a testing location. Know your status.

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