New music finds

Over the weekend, I did a mini haul on music. Good thing they weren’t expensive or else I would be crying right now.

First, I just heard about Charlie Winston about thirty minutes ago from my friends Facebook page. She posted this video for She Went Quietly and I nearly lost it. What a beautiful song! So of course, the music lover that I am, I researched him on youtube. I immediately fell in love with him after watching this video. ‘Hello Again’ is about being single after a breakup. I love when artists get creative with their videos. Makes me happy.

Ryan Leslie’s second album is not new (2009) but I’ve been meaning to get it since I loved his first album so much. It’s refreshing to find artists that can actually sing, produce AND play instruments well. This guy is not a fool either. He graduated from Harvard at the age of 19. Hello. Google him. I think I like his album ‘Transition’ better than his first album, only because of production. You can tell that he is quite meticulous about perfecting his craft. Two of my favorites are I Choose You and Never Gonna Break Up. Currently, I’m jamming to ‘Zodiac’. My boo raps yo!

It it no secret that I’m in love with Beyonce (#BeyStan), especially after watching her Live in Roseland dvd but I do love Solange Knowles for completely different reasons. For one, she is truly a unique individual. From her fashion sense to her creativity, she’s really awesome. She just seems so down to Earth. I’d definitely be her friend in real life. I got a feel of her personality from her music. My favorites from her album are Sandcastle Disco (so me) and T.O.N.Y. but my favorite favorite is Cosmic Journey. Yo, if you’re a music lover, please listen to minute 3:30 and beyond. She just goes in. She could’ve made that part a song on its own and I’d rock it out.

Last but not least…Lady Gaga. I just…I really love her. She’s weird, for sure. And honestly, I started watching the video for ‘You and I’ and I could NOT finish it. Love that song but the video FREAKED ME OUT. That’s a first because she usually doesn’t bother me. Now I know better than to watch her [new] videos. I copped her latest album, Born This Way. It’s very edgy and hardcore, much like the person she has evolved into. People will criticize her because a lot of her songs have a religious undertone that may be…offensive. Despite what you may think of her, she doesn’t care. She creates and evolves and is comfortable with it all. And she can sing her ass off. One of my favorite songs from Born This Way is ‘Hair’. And it’s one of the least…offensive, lol.

I realized that ear for good music and production has evolved drastically over the years. I’m thinking of wiping my ipod clean and starting over. Don’t get me wrong, I love all music, but over the years, I’ve realized what really catches my ear. There are just some artists that are consistent with their style and keep bringing good music. My ear has fine tuned on to those people immediately, like Charlie Winston.

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