Gift of acceptance

I’m not sure what moved me to write my Facebook status this morning but I’m glad I did because I wasn’t the only one feeling a certain way about the topic. I said:

“I’m almost embarrassed to be called a Christian because we are some of the WORST people on Earth. We claim to love God but DAILY we judge others, let our egos envelop us and have NO compassion towards the very people He commanded us to love. We’re immune to humanity and obsessed with doctrine. Sick of it. Yet we all want to go to Heaven. Who the hell do you think you’re gonna be up there with?”

I continued by saying:

I’m disgusted by it all! Like who do we think we are?! Christianity is not an elitist cult. I’m going to Heaven because of such and such but you’re going to Hell. NO ONE REALLY KNOWS! And if God can forgive one persons unforgivable sin, why would He not forgive another? And if that’s the case, why are we confusing ourselves with things that do not matter? We need to DIE to self DAILY!!! Reevaluate. Question. Seek understanding. Otherwise, I really don’t know what’s the point of life.

I’ve really come to understand who God is and it’s CRAZY. He is not mean. He is not a bully. He does not destruct. He allows bad things to happen because we live in a sinful world. He is patient. He is Love. He never gives up. Not like man. Sometimes I just want to shake people to wake up. What are you doing? When did God put the naughty and nice list in your hands? Must be nice. My BIGGEST revelation: even if God let the WORST IMAGINABLE THING to happen to me, my family or my friends, I want to be like Job and yet praise Him. For the first time in my life, I am at peace with God. Seriously. I let go of things I didn’t believe in and now I’m able to freely walk with Him.

My favorite female musician OF ALL TIME is India Arie. She makes music that literally brings me to tears, every time. It’s so pure and filled with truth, love and honesty. One of her latest songs reflects how I feel and think about…life, for lack of a better and fully encompassing word. It is about accepting others, accepting their walks in life. It reminded me of my Facebook status because we’re not filled with the right intentions inside. We’re not constantly working to reflect goodness. But we’re all the same. Not one greater than the other.

2 thoughts on “Gift of acceptance

  1. You are truly wonderful, as a Christian myself, it is hard to tell others because the judgement of others, there are so hyprocrites and people who think they have it all figured out. thank you

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