Hair growth-four months

From my first hair video (6 wks growth) to my latest video (17 wks growth).

Remember how I said I was gonna use certain products? Yea…well I lied. I still haven’t used the egg and mayo mix yet. Too lazy. Those vitamins? I keep forgetting to take them. Oh. And I was taking five vitamins a day. I swear the Biotin was making my skin break out. I’m sticking to that thought.

SO! I still don’t use a lot of products. Yay me. But I’ve switched from what I was using. The hair polisher was bad bad bad. I threw it away. Now I use:

1. Giovanni shampoo and conditioner (when it’s finished, I’m getting cheap shampoo and conditioner. To me, these are not important).

2. Jamaican black castor oil & coconut oil (saving grace, moisture-wise).

3. Morraccan oil eco-styler gel (I love this stuff).

I just gave in and bought the Kinky Curly Curling Custard. Sigh. I guess it defines my curls more but my hair is still too short to tell. I still like my eco-styler gel better.

I’m so excited!!! I never knew how people made .gif’s!!! I usually use Picnik to edit my photos but it was down. So I did a google search and came across LunaPic. I uploaded two pictures and it did this! It hurts my eyes but at least I know how to do it now. FYI: it seems you have to click on the pic to see it move.

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