Weekend at a glance #35

Every time I want to lock myself in my room for the weekend it’s like God says to me, “girl git your ass up and go out”. Except I’m pretty sure He doesn’t say ass.

It has become a ritual nowadays for me to stay home on Friday nights and enjoy some brainless tv watching. My two favorite shows are Kitchen Nightmares (my equivalent to the drama-filled Basketball Wives) and Dateline. I don’t like to be interrupted while watching said shows.

Saturday I had lunch and window shopped with friends in L5P. Okay so I totally didn’t know Cherry Bomb sold name brand shoes. I had no idea they sold Jeffery Campbell. Not that I want a pair or anything but that’s a very popular name. But these……I want.

Since we used Scoutmob for lunch, we felt rich enough to Scoutmob for ice cream.

One of my friends, Shonte, had a coming home party for her father. So glad I went. Shonte is one of the most giving women I know and she really loves her family. She’s the one with her face not quite showing, lol.

Thanks to the time change, I enjoyed an extra hour of sleep. So much so that I didn’t leave home until almost 5pm Sunday. :-/ But I made it in time to catch a little music at the Day of the Dead Celebration at Atlantic Station.

And finished my night with Jesus. So glad I can go to church in my ‘hobo-chic’ attire.

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