Girl, you’re so CRAZY (i love you)

Her:  Ohhhhhh. Think your life is pretty amazing
me:  i dunno about that. i haven’t had a date in MONTHS! i haven’t kissed a man or had sex since MARCH. oh my god….typing that just made it real
Her:  But you’re totally enjoying your twenties
me:  i’m enjoying LIFE. we only get one. i can’t let it pass me by or live with regret. still so much i want to do. my biggest limitation is money but….. Her:  I want that too
me:  only in my mind. YOU’RE THE REAL PSYCHO! i go over scenarios in my mind and WISH i would’ve went ham. bet i would be boo’d up right now. “dudes” like crazy.
Her:  Touché… I’m working on it. Men love crazies
me:  they really do. and women who rile them up emotionally. wale said it best:

“but a woman worth some anger is certainly worth some effort”

So my question is: WHAT IS IT that attracts men to crazy women? WHY DO YOU STAY AND/OR GO BACK? I need answers.

And if you dare, DON’T DARE, send me straight to voicemail, babe I’M JUST GONNA TEXT YOU. -J. Hudd

This post is brought to you by a gchat conversation between my friend and I. Edited to protect us from the judgment of all readers. Also brought to you by J. Hudd’s latest song No One Gonna Love You. Crazy ass.

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